“In a hotel room in London, Heath Ledger is preparing himself for the role as Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Locked away for 30 days, we follow his documentation and evolvement of the Joker, a psychopath with little to no conscience towards his acts.”

The Realm of a Psychopath from Felix Martinsson on Vimeo.

Premier Date (elected audience only): 30 June 2017
World Premier: 1 September 2017
Genre: Short, Drama, Mystery, Indie
Length: 13 minLanguage: English
Shooting location: Kilburn, London and Nassjo, Sweden
Days in London: 3
Days in Nassjo: 1
Budget: $2200 (everything included, costume, makeup, food, camera, hotel etc.)

Before you watch this film please read this –

If this film is about anything, it’s about: Dedication to the art, being an artist and what some of us are prepared to do to achieve what we want. It’s about the preparation process, how an actor prepares, being alone, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and discovery.

This is a short film was filmed in London, Kilburn 2016 finished in January 2017. It was an experimental film based on a lot of research that I turned into a script. It was also a way for me as an artist to challenge myself and see how much I could do on my own as a parallel to what I believe Heath did in real life. After doing research I learned that he was always playing with the camera, taking photos and documenting which is one of many things that inspired me to do this film.

I’m portraying HEATH LEDGER preparing to portray JOKER in “The Dark Knight” (2008). It’s known that Heath did some extreme things to get in touch with his character Joker and I’m forever thankful for his dedication to this craft, after all he is the one who made me pursue my dream and goals and taught me to dedicate my life to acting and keep wanting to learn and staying curious. I’ve always been fascinated by his methods, and wanted to tell this small part of his story as much as I know (from doing research, and using my own imagination), but mainly to put the focus on what a lot of the audience is missing. Some audiences are better than others – I believe as an audience  there are certain responsibilities, there should be some curiosity to what the actors have to go through in order to reach their characters, and it’s what I refer to as “The Research Process”. That’s where the actor does research on everything, digging into the story and character, investigating, using its imagination and comes up with certain choices. But it shouldn’t end there, I also think as an audience it’s our responsibility to find out as much as possible about the film before we see it in order for us to have an opinion.

The research process can sometimes be difficult for non-actors to understand, but that’s also why I wanted to tell this story, and in the way I did it. I did a lot of artistic choices coming up with this film, for example I left out some information, I included clues, “hidden easter eggs” for those who’re willing to do their research on “Heath Ledger portraying Joker”. Certain things will become clear once and if you do the research I’m inviting you to do. The internet is an amazing and interesting platform, there are lots of information that you can take part of.

I filmed most of this film on my own, because I wanted it to look and feel like he was filming it himself in a way, since I know he loved documenting his life using a video camera. So I wanted it to look a little amateurish, but at the same time well caught.

What I want from you as the audience watching this; is that you get triggered, curious, and ask yourself questions, like I do every time I’m watching a film. I demand more of the audience than to just sit back and eat popcorn, I want you to either use the imagination to fill in the missing information or use the knowledge you will be given if you do the research (or just be ONE with ambiguity). And obviously learn a few things about my favourite Actor that I look up to and will forever look up to, Heath Ledger, this film is to him, his family and his fans.

R.I.P Heath Ledger, 22 January 2008

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